Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Peters Canyon AM

I peddled over to Peters Canyon Regional Park (~1 mi from my house) for a few hrs this a.m. to see what was around. It was birdy, per usual. Peters Canyon has a fair-sized riparian area and a good amount of coastal sage scrub, in addition to a good-sized reservoir. Most birds have stopped singing (I don't blame em), but the common residents such as Blue & Black-headed Grosbeaks, Bell's Vireo, Yellow-breasted Chat, Red-shouldered Hawk, etc, are still obvious. I was glad to note lots of California Gnatcatchers - I saw at least eight. South of the dam I had two Cactus Wrens and singles of Greater Roadrunner and California Thrasher. I'd really like to get some good shots of Cactus Wrens sometime - they're sweet birds. The award for the best bird of the morning probably goes to the lone Acorn Woodpecker I saw - I was really surprised to see it, considering there are very few, if no oaks in the park. It was hard to get any good photos thanks to a very thick marine layer, but here's a shot of a rabbit I saw... I'm thinking Desert Cottontail. Input welcomed. :-)

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Tim H said...

Looks like a bunny to me! ;-)

The Eastern Cottontails 'round here have smaller ears, and darker fur, so I would say Desert. :-)