Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Triple digits for Peters Canyon and more

This morning I birded Peters Canyon for a couple hours. I found six new Peters Canyon birds: Northern Flicker, Northern Pintail, Fox Sparrow, American Robin, Northern Harrier, and Western Meadowlark. These pushed my Peters Canyon list up to 105. The lake had lots of coots but relatively fewer ducks than usual, but the rest of the park was very active - White-crowned Sparrows and Yellow-rumped Warblers were everywhere! I was thrilled to hear the Fox Sparrows singing - what a beautiful sound. I believe they were of the "Thick-billed" subspecies, because of their heavy bills and towhee-like "chink" call notes.

This afternoon I couldn't resist doing some more digiscoping around the neighborhood. I spotted a Cinnamon Teal at the lower lake, completely dwarfed by the feral ducks it was hanging out with. Another new neighborhood bird.

This lovely female Western Bluebird also posed for photographs. Though they may not be as gaudy as the males, they certainly have a subtle beauty with those soft brown and pale blue hues.

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