Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Headed North

Well, my backpack sits on the ground at my feet, stuffed with the essentials of life: binoculars, camera, Quaker Chewy Chocolate Chip Snack Bars (the king of birding food), and maybe a few clothes too. An engorged backpack is usually a pretty good sign that I'm traveling somewhere.

In a couple hours, I'll be leaving for the airport to go to the Western Field Ornithologists annual conference in San Mateo, California. It isn't just any old boring meeting; there are plenty of field trips, including to Point Reyes, a famous birding spot just north of San Francisco. There will be some pretty big dogs there, too - if you don't know who Steve Howell, Jon Dunn, or Kimball Garrett are, then you aren't a birder. This should be interesting!

I'll be arriving home late on Sunday, hopefully with plenty of photos and interesting sightings to report. I don't expect to find any lifers, but I've never birded the Bay area, so it will be something new and exciting.

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