Monday, September 21, 2009

Quick Midwest Trip

I just got home from a whirlwind trip through a good chunk of the Midwest this last weekend. It wasn't a birding trip, but, not unexpectedly, I fit in a lot of birding. My parents and I left Thursday afternoon, getting into Grand Rapids late Thursday night. We spent all Friday visiting Calvin College in Grand Rapids. Saturday was my main birding day. I birded most of the day around Muskegon with Alison Village and Jonathan and Joseph Lautenbach, all young(ish) birders from Michigan. After a full day of birding, my parents and I headed home by way of Pennsylvania to visit my brother near Pittsburgh. We drove to Dundee Saturday night, and set off early Sunday morning for Pennsylvania. A two-hour pause at Crane Creek was in order, my last main birding of the trip.

I'll try to post more details sooner or later. In about a day of birding total, I found 122 species, including many eastern species that I haven't seen since moving. Unfortunately, the trip was all too brief and I didn't get the chance to see a bunch of old friends in the Michigan and Ohio area. Next time...