Sunday, October 17, 2010

Piping Up

Drat, it hasn't yet been a month. I'm overstepping my quota.

But, I feel obligated to report that Piping Plovers are adorable. Even scruffy ones with only one leg. The fact that it was a new Berrien County bird wasn't all that impressive given that I've birded the county once before, but it was also a county bird for my friend Alison, whose Berrien list exceeds mine by a few hundred species.

Fish Crows lack the charm of Piping Plovers. The fact that it was a new state bird for me didn't change its status as a sniveling, pathetic invader hanging around a landfill.

Fish Crows ≠ Piping Plovers

Fish Crows < Piping Plovers

Piping Plovers ≈ (chocolate sundae)^3

This is a crude attempt to mathematically communicate the joy of birding.


gonegaga said...

A new entry! YAY!!! I think that its that one leg that makes it all the more adorable. :) BTW, Math has never sounded so yummy haha. Neil Gilbert's birding blog = ∞

Donna said...

Yes! I knew you would see some awesome birds here (once again) and have to blog about them! Having had children in college though, I know how important studying is. Take care and I hope you still manage to fit birding in between classes and study! Thanks for the blog.

P.S I know you have seen them before, but give a yell if you want to see some snowy owls this winter!