Thursday, February 3, 2011

A Day in the Life of a College Birder

8:00 A.M., Incidental Observation

Holey buckets, it's cold. Eggs...real eggs. It's been way too long. I can't wait for spring break. Granola is only so good when you have it for breakfast every morning for one..two...three...four weeks in a row.

American Crow--1
Black-capped Chickadee--1
American Goldfinch--2
House Sparrow--1

8:52 A.M., Incidental Observation

Oh, hi Alex! Yeah, I'm going to class. Science Building...chem. Um, I've got...Blankenspoor? He's okay. Dude, I know, that snow day was frickin' sweet! Alright, see you later, have fun in lab.

American Crow--1
Northern Cardinal--1
House Sparrow--1

9:53 A.M., Incidental Observation

Yeah, Margeaux, I'm going to chapel. You? I knoooow, that guy treats us like kindergarteners...seriously, how many times is he going to tell us that to succeed in chemistry, we need to do the problem sets? Hey--Downy Woodpecker! Huh? Oh, nevermind. What class do you have after this?

Downy Woodpecker--1
Black-capped Chickadee--1
House Sparrow--2

10:23 A.M., Incidental Observation

Oh man, it's too nice of a day to head straight for the library for that date with my chemistry book. I'll take a five-minute detour. Mmmm, sunshine! Hey, what are you doing buddy?! Watch where you're driving! Bleh. Library, I can't escape you!

Black-capped Chickadee--4
Tufted Titmouse--1
Red-breasted Nuthatch--1
Northern Cardinal--2
House Sparrow--2

11:30 A.M., Incidental Observation

Aw, man, I'm starving! Time for a toasted bagel with peanut butter, a spinach salad with honey mustard dressing, two slices of pineapple, a banana, and milk. Hey, I wonder if I can make it the entire fifty feet from the library to the cafeteria without seeing any birds. Shoot, nope!

House Finch--1

4:10-4:36 P.M., Traveling Count, 0.25 miles

You can't go climbing after all? Bummer. That's okay, I'll just go for a walk before dinner instead. Alright, man, see you around! Yeah, tomorrow at four sounds good.

Mourning Dove--3
Downy Woodpecker--1
American Crow--22
Black-capped Chickadee--3
American Robin--5
European Starling--2
Cedar Waxwing--18
American Tree Sparrow--1
Dark-eyed Junco--7
Northern Cardinal--2
House Finch--1
House Sparrow--11

5:38 P.M., Incidental Observation week, I think I'll try a combination of the kalamata olive sauce and the artichoke hearts on my bruschetta. Argghh! It's so cold. And the architecht who built this library was a moron, because it definitely is designed to allow the greatest possible amount of snow to blow off its roof into people's faces below. Oh hey...starlings.

European Starling--4


Jerry Jourdan said...

Hey Neil,
In the time it took me to read this post I had 50 House Sparrows clean out my feeder....

Delmi said...

wow, you actually spelled kalamata so it looked like more like kalamata and less like chlamydia.

good job.

Doug said...

Good post, Neil. Makes me hapy that I am vicariously birding in your area from the comfort of my home. You ever miss California?