Sunday, April 3, 2011

Should've Put a Ring on It

Sprawled over the withering concrete bordering the dark, sludgy pond, I cradled my camera in my hands and crawled to the very edge. Cautiously maneuvering my left elbow to keep it out of a pool of fresh duck crap, I promptly placed my right elbow in a nearly identical patch of excrement. Ah, well--a bit of decoration is inevitable in bird photography; it is a badge of honor. Squinting through the viewfinder, I focused on the black, rippling water a few feet front in front of me. A flash of black, white, accompanied with the most evanescent blaze of chestnut. The drake Ring-necked Duck fixed me with a baleful, golden glare.

Go on any Audubon field trip in November, and you'll probably hear old codgers complaining about this bird's name. "There isn't any ring on that neck," they say as they scope a raft snoozing on a distant pond. "If anything, it should be called Ring-billed Duck." It's an age-old complaint, and a just one too. I've seen thousands of Ring-necked Ducks--my first was in the last millennium--but the only spot I've ever seen their neck rings is Irvine Regional Park. Here, every winter, a few Ring-necked Ducks mingle with the feral Wood Ducks and Mallards, vying for bread crumbs from shrieking toddlers. From a distance of eight feet, that burnished collar is difficult to miss.


Jerry Jourdan said...

Wonderful captures, Neil! Well done!

Chatterbirds said...

Gorgeous images! The bills of Ring-necked Ducks never cease to remind me of fine porcelain.

Silly Putty said...

Gorgeous bird- I've always had a special affinity for their plumage.