Monday, May 5, 2008

Back From Texas

I arrived home last night exhausted but happy from the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas. I was competing in the Great Texas Birding Classic as a part of the ABA/Leica Tropicbirds team. I won't spoil you by revealing the details just yet; I'll post each day separately because I took so many photos.

We had a blast. I personally recorded twenty-seven life birds, pushing my life list to 601 (Lark Bunting was the 600th). In the half-week we spent birding, we found 219 species, and on Saturday we recorded 195 species.

I would like to thank Leica for sponsoring our team; the ABA; Jeff and Liz Gordon for being our mentors/drivers; and especially all who sponsored me. I will be sending you a quick report and bill in the mail as soon as possible.

Oh yeah - the photo at the top. That's our team, the 2008 ABA/Leica Great Texas Birding Classic Tropicbirds. From left to right: Jeff Gordon, Liz Gordon, Hope Batcheller, Saraiya Ruano, Nico Sarbanes, and me. I know, we look ridiculous, but we were sleep-deprived...

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