Sunday, May 11, 2008

Daylight Fades

It's a good life, I mused as I stared into the golden eyes that were glaring back at me from a fuzzy ball of fluff. You sit in a pine tree all day, snoozing away or watching the world around you from above. You don't have much to fear - you are the top of the food chain. If something - a coyote, perhaps - started eyeing you, your ferocious, sharp-taloned parent would spring into action and drive away the enemy. You don't have to hunt your own food - that's what your parents are for.

Those eyes, those wild golden eyes. Ever watching, unless of course the owner of those eyes is taking a cat nap. I wonder if it gets boring, sitting up in that same old tree all day, I thought as I watched the fuzzball hop to a more comfortable branch. My bare foot crunched down among the ground cover, and the fuzzball's head instantly whirled around to see what was happening. That must be cool, being able to turn your head like that. No need to turn around; just spin your head over your back! As the sun slowly sank, the fuzzball became more active and those eyes remained open and attentive to their surroundings. The night would start soon...

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