Sunday, April 26, 2009

Beware of Grosbeaks

If you plan on birding at Peters Canyon Regional Park anytime soon, you must take into account certain dangers of the place. I don't mean the commonplace dangers - Mountain Lions, rattlesnakes, or poison oak - I'm talking about Blue Grosbeaks. They can be vicious!

While birding at Peters Canyon Regional Park on Friday, I was surprised to notice a male Blue Grosbeak perched on the side mirror of a car in the parking lot. The bird was savagely attacking the mirror and shiny windows of the car, flapping against the mirror and viciously pecking its own reflection.

If you are sensitive about having your car mirrors smudged and pooped on, I would strongly advise avoiding Peters Canyon Regional Park. The Blue Grosbeak methodically attacked the mirrors, windows, windshields, and even hoods of the innocent parked cars. It was so intent on dirtying the cars that it ignored me as I sneaked up.

I edged closer until I was only six feet from the beautiful blue bird. He only stopped when his lady friend came by. He serenaded her from a nearby tree before they flew off together. However, I'm sure he is still lurking out there. Your car is in danger!

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Ali Iyoob said...

Great pictures. I had a Chipping Sparrow doing that to my parent's car yesterday. It was very funny and I wish hadd thought of getting some pictures of it.