Sunday, September 9, 2007

More 'hood birding

Yep, that's part of my neighborhood - Yellowthroat Creek, named by yours truly. I birded this area and other parts of the neighborhood this morning. The Mountain Chickadee I found a couple days ago was hanging out the resident Bushtit flock behind the stables. This female Western Bluebird cooperated for photos. Unfortunately, she seems to have a broken/damaged leg and had trouble perching.

Otherwise, birding was relatively slow. There were fewer migrants than the last few days, but I saw a few Orange-crowned Warblers and one Western Wood-Pewee. I couldn't resist a photo of my faithful birding companion, Chestnut, ready for more birding!

1 comment:

Tim H said...

Oh me goodness, Chestnut is SOOOO cute!! My doggie likes to go birding, pity that he's a bird dog....:-P