Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Peters Canyon XII

Today I made my weekly visit to Peters Canyon Regional Park. Per usual, I walked around the reservoir on the Lakeview Trail and also the Cactus Point Loop. Waterbird numbers at the reservoir were mostly the same as last week, but a small flock of eight Forster's Terns were new for my Peters Canyon list. I also saw a very sharp-looking Black-throated Gray Warbler, a new Orange County bird as well as a new Peters Canyon bird for me. Other than that, it mostly the ever-interesting usuals. At one point, I heard a covey of California Quail calling right next to the trail. A couple birds ran across the trail (boy do they move fast!), so I sat down with my camera ready and waited for more of them to cross the trail. Eventually the whole covey crossed, and I managed a few shots.

This Cassin's Kingbird also cooperated for photos. Just seconds after I photographed it, it darted out and captured a huge dragonfly (looked like a darner of some sort). It then spent several minutes getting it down the hatch...

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Tim H said...

Those are fabuloso! You have an unfairly good patch. >:-(

Oh, BTW, CAQU is the state bird, NOT LASP!!! GOT THAT?? :-D